Pacific Coast Camp – Steering Committee

Pastor Ron Green
Anderson, CA
Rev. Galen Gregg
Fresno, CA
Pastor William Guerrero
Orosi, CA
Pastor Don Hyler Jr
Atwater, CA
Pastor Michael Klann
Fresno, CA
Pastor Stephen Marchbanks
Porterville, CA
Pastor Keith McCoy
Palmdale, CA
Pastor Larry Montano
Fresno, CA
Pastor Robert Sailor
Coalinga, CA
Pastor Stephen Miraflor
Fresno, CA

Pacific Coast Camp – Mission Statement

Provide a safe atmosphere of Apostolic worship and fellowship;

Encourage a spirit of harmony and like-mindedness in doctrine and holiness through Apostolic preaching and teaching;

Strengthen individual commitment to Jesus Christ and nurture strong families and dynamic churches;

Promote Apostolic revival, spiritual growth and maturity, and evangelism;

Pacific Coast Camp 2023